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Canopy Tent Rental - Amazing Occasions - Clayton NY 1000 Islands

Ideal for backyard parties.  Beautiful white tents installed only by our crew to maintain the quality of the tents.

White Canopy Tent – 20×30 (Capacity 60) – $195.00
White Canopy Tent – 20×40 (Capacity 80 ) – $295.00



Tent Rentals - Amazing Occasions - Clayton NY

Frame tents are self-supporting structures that can be set up on grass, asphalt, concrete or almost any surface.  Stakes are used when grass is available and barrels with weights are used on other surfaces that can not be staked.  Frame tents provide maximum space due to the lack of center poles for support.

Various sizes are available - call for more information


Pole Tent Rental - Amazing Occasions, Clayton NY, Thousand Islands
Pole tents are the most cost effective and have center poles and must be staked into the ground. Ideal for lawns and parking lots where stakes can be driven into the ground. When renting a pole tent you will need to allow 5 additional feet per side to accomodate the desired tent size (ex: 40 x 60 ft pole tent will require a 50 x 70 ft area).  Capacities are suggestions and will vary depending on layout of equipment.

Pole Tent 30 x 60 (Capacity 150) – $900.00
Pole Tent 40 x 40 (Capacity 150) – $800.00
Pole Tent 40 x 60 (Capacity200 ) – $1,200.00
Pole Tent 40 x 80 (Capacity 250) – $1,600.00
Pole Tent 40 x 100 (Capacity 325) – $2,000.00
Pole Tent 40 x 120 (Capacity 400) – $2,400.00

Sidewalls with Windows per foot - $1.50

Pricing on all tents may be subject to delivery and special set-up charges if rock drilling is needed.

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